Working from the ground up, Brett J. Bernard began his 25-year construction industry career at the age of fifteen.  Through his central New York high school years, Brett worked with general contracting companies, gaining a broad scope of experience quickly and at an early age.

Brett launched his general contracting business in 2003. Specializing in custom, historic rowhouse renovations in Baltimore, with a focus on high quality craftsmanship and customer service, Brett developed his craft, all the while working with community development groups dedicated to revitalizing Baltimore’s ecclectic neighborhoods.    

A transition from smaller single family homes to mid and large scale residential and mixed used project management began in 2011.  Restoring old warehouses, churches, and banks, has become the daily norm for ProCor's long-term and loyal team of superintendents, carpenters, and subcontractors. Together our teams take pride in their work and understand the importance of working efficiently towards the same goal—restoring Baltimore one build at a time.